lunedì 26 marzo 2007


The Druidess eyes... i go with my camera trought the mirrows of life...
my home made pictures are my eyes on world...
i look after lightness, i will stop in a clic my questions about life..

domenica 25 marzo 2007

travel with the Druidess

this is THE DRUIIDESS, and i would like you to enjoy my little tales.
Nearly approaching to a self distruction era.
Quite far from a wilde life world.

poems to bring on your bike

My dear sun,
you are looking at me like i'm your son,
i just get worm as i keep cycling,
so i make my self ready to reach you soon.

Thank you for spreading your rays on
when you are shining i feel your endless enbrace,
so i go on with this feeling in me.